First Time Penalty Abatement

Penalties for Failure to File, Failure to Pay, or Failure to Deposit can hike up your tax bill by another 25%. But there’s a way to get these penalties reversed! It’s called the First Time Penalty Abatement, or FTA for short.

Do I Qualify for the Penalty Abatement?

1. To request the Penalty Abatement, you must currently be in “compliance.”  This means that all your filings have been made, and all your current-year estimated and withholding taxes have been paid.
2. Your record must not show previous penalty assessments for the past three tax years.

How to Request the Penalty Abatement

• If you have not yet paid the penalty, contact the IRS by phone and ask for the abatement. You can also request it in writing by typing up and mailing a statement requesting the abatement.
• If you have paid the (penalty) tax within the last three years, then file Form 843 requesting that the money be returned.

Watch for These Penalty Abatement Glitches

The First Penalty Abatement is automatically approved if you meet the qualifications. However, there can be a glitch. The IRS uses an automated process called the “Reasonable Cause Assistant” (RCA for short) to determine if you qualify. Your chances that this software will return the right answer is about 50-50. This means you’ll have to work with the IRS employees to fix whatever record-keeping problem is resulting in the wrong answer.

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