Money-Back Guarantee and Costs

After your free phone consultation (text or call 352-317-5692 or email me), the next step is an office visit, so I can review your tax documents and we can discuss a resolution to your problem in more depth. Below are details about  Tax Rep costs and our money-back guarantee.

Tax Rep Offers a Money-Back Guarantee!

money-back guarantee - tax rep costsTax Rep offers a money-back guarantee on initial office consultations. If you are not satisfied at the end of your initial office meeting, I will waive the consultation fee. That said, I look forward to serving you, saving you money, and releasing you from much of the stress and anxiety of dealing with the IRS. Please text or call 352-317-5692 for your free phone consult.

Cost for Representation with IRS Collections Division

Cost of the first meeting for people with a large delinquent (or soon to be delinquent) IRS tax debt is $375.  You’ll need to bring all the IRS notices you’ve received, your last three years of tax returns, and a payment check for the consultation. If at the end of this session, you elect to have Tax Rep research and produce a plan for you, we require a second check upfront for $785. Once the plan is completed, as applicable, I will quote a price for any additional services desired or required for implementing the tax debt solution for you. Remember: we offer a money-back guarantee on your initial office consult.

Cost for Representation in an IRS Audit

The time required to represent you in an IRS audit cannot be known upfront, so I work on a retainer basis. The Tax Rep office consultation fee is $375. The initial retainer fee is  $4,625. A retainer is not the same as a flat fee. This initial retainer may or may not cover the time needed to complete your representation. If that’s the case, I will ask for an additional retainer, amount to be determined. Getting an IRS Audit letter is stressful. We help by offering you a money-back guarantee on your initial office consult, so you can feel confident about meeting with us, and confident we will help you settle your IRS issue at the lowest cost, with the least stress.

Costs for Consulting Assistance with Non-Filer Status, Payroll Tax Debts, Contractor vs. Employee Designations

TaxRep offers a free phone consult followed by a $375 office consult for anyone who has not filed federal taxes in years.  Similarly, TaxRep offers a free phone consult, followed by a $375 office consultation for people seeking help with problems including:

  • Payroll tax debts
  • Employee vs. contractor tax status consulting

We resolve some problems during an initial office meeting. Others take additional time, in which case I will quote a price for the additional work.

We Waive Consultation Fee If You Are Not Satisfied

money-back guarantee - tax rep costsWe are confident we can help you. And, we respect your right to decide this for yourself. I will waive your $375 consultation fee if you are not satisfied at the end of your initial document review and strategy meeting.