Free Tax Debt Consult By Phone

Get a FREE tax debt consult by phone with Gainesville, Florida Tax Rep Jim Payne, CPA. Call (or text) 352-317-5692  

 Learn how to settle your specific IRS tax debt situation at the lowest cost

What happens during my FREE tax-debt phone consult?

I listen carefully while you tell me about your IRS tax-debt problem (or Florida State tax-debt concern).

After we’re both sure I understand your situation, I’ll give you my initial take on the best approach to resolve your debt at the lowest cost, with the least hassle.  I’m glad to also answer any questions  you may have about Tax Rep.

Next, we will schedule a paid office visit so we can review  your documents together and discuss a resolution strategy and action plan in more detail. During COVID-19, we practice safety measures during in-person meetings. We can also conduct virtual meetings.

—  Jim Payne, CPA, your expert tax representative in Gainesville, Florida

Tax Rep Offers a Money-Back Guarantee!

money-back guarantee

We are confident we can help you. And, we respect your right to decide this for yourself. I will waive your $375 office consultation fee if you are not satisfied at the end of your initial document review and strategy meeting.