Get IRS Tax Debt Help & Relief

BIG IRS TAX DEBT? Get Relief Get Help—call Tax Rep! You may be able to settle for much less than you owe, and (or) buy time to avoid levies, liens or garnishes. Hire TaxRep. We will do all the talking with Internal Revenue Service officers, so you never have to. We help you get compliant, then make your best deal.

 The IRS may move slowly; but if you owe and don’t pay—or fail to file—the IRS will inevitably act to collect the delinquent debt and penalties. So—get help now, if you need it, while you can, so the IRS does not:

  • ​Levy your bank accounts, IRA accounts, and any other liquid assets
  • Place a lien on and foreclose your home  
  • Garnish your wages
  • Revoke your passport

no getting away from the IRSIn short, tax debt will catch up with you. If you haven’t filed returns in years, the IRS is looking for you. If you’ve received an audit notice; they’re knocking on your door. The more you owe, the more aggressive you can expect the IRS to be with collection efforts. Life can become very difficult for you. Fortunately, if you need IRS tax debt relief, there are ways out. An offer-in-compromise (pay less than you owe), payment plans, or uncollectible status (to buy some time to improve your finances).  This landscape of options is complex, but you don’t have to go it alone.

Call Tax Representative Jim Payne, CPA, at 352-317-5692 for a free phone consultation.

We Help Clients Deal with the IRS and pay less tax debt

We help folks deal with the IRS

As your tax representative, I do four key things to  help you resolve your IRS problem:

  1. I Represent YouWith me as your tax representative, you never have to come into direct contact with IRS personnel. This avoids the ugly problem of taxpayers saying the wrong thing — any misstatement—that might lead the IRS to conclude that the taxpayer is lying — a criminal offense.

  2. Damage Control  The IRS will not make a deal with you if the hole is getting deeper. So, secondly, I will help you (or you and your spouse if filing jointly) get compliant with your current year taxes.

  3. Assess the Mess —Third, we will do an analysis of your financial situation and develop a strategy— using the same formulas the IRS Collections Division uses to determine whether or not to accept a deal. 

  4. Guided Resolution Fourth, there are proven legal options for resolving any IRS problem. I can guide you in implementing the steps and options that are the best solution for your situation; the solution that saves you the most money.

Who Does and Doesn’t Need Help with the IRS?

Not everyone needs a tax rep.  For example, if a simple IRS payment plan will pay off your debt in a time frame that is reasonable for you and the IRS,  you can set it up yourself online, without speaking to an IRS agent. However, I strongly urge these four ‘classes’ of taxpayers to get help:

If you fit into one of these categories—or think you might—get a free phone consultation.​

Get Hope & Direction with a Free Consult

Get a free initial phone consultation with independent Tax Representative Jim Payne, CPA

Jim Payne, CPA photographDuring this free phone call, I’ll learn about the IRS tax problem you face, and give you my initial view on the best approach to resolve it.  In turn, I’m glad to answer any questions you may have. Clients often ask about my qualifications, procedures, fees, and a timeline to research, plan, then implement a strategy for them. Please call 352-317-5692 for your free consult. 

You don’t have to go this alone. Having an independent tax professional represent you can help you get the best deal possible with the IRS — and relieve stress and anxiety. So remember, you cannot ignore the IRS, but there are ways out and hope ahead. 

Call Jim Payne, CPA,  your independent tax representative, at 352-317-5692 for a free phone consult.