Renegotiate your IRS Payment Plan!

I represent taxpayers in Gainesville and the state of Florida who have tax issues with the IRS.

If you are one of the many people hurt by the impact of the Covid-19 virus and have an existing installment payment plan in place, now is the time to renegotiate. If you qualify for the streamlined plans, simply go online to your account using one of these links:

Revising this agreement does not require any additional information submittals if you still qualify under one of the streamlined plans.

If your situation is dire, then you need to contact the IRS and ask for Currently Not Collectable Status. This will require that you fill out a Form 433 regarding your assets and income. The Currently Not Collectable status results in the IRS suspending any collections actions for at least 18 months. Given their current back logs, those currently in this status will probably be given a pass for a much longer period.

Renegotiating now is a much better alternative to simply defaulting.

If you or someone you know has received a Notice of Intent to Levy or some other federal or state tax issue, please feel free to contact me at either (352) 317-5692 or email


Author: Jim Payne

Jim Payne, a Florida Certified Public Accountant (CPA) since 1976, offers candid insights on getting square with the IRS — with the least pain, and at the lowest cost — with (or without) the help of a tax representative. Mr. Payne is a former IRS agent and expert in business profitability, IRS audits, IRS payroll tax, and IRS non-filer issues. As a Tax Representative, his goal is clear: " I will speak on your behalf to all IRS agents, so you never have to, and I'll guide you in executing a strategy to resolve your IRS problem so you can get back to enjoying life."

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